Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Hairy Legs, Painted Toes
As my girl Polly says, “It will feel arbitrary. DO IT ANYWAY.”

5-Minute Endorsement: Turci Italian White Truffle Infused Spray

Though this blog is named “Goot Enough” all footloose and fancy free-like, it’s run by two perfectionism-prone ladies. I can’t speak for my partner in crime, but I haven’t posted in a hot forever because I’ve been tinkering on several posts that just aren’t ready. But the longer I work on those, the more time slips by, and the less inclined I am to post anything at all, because EVERY POST MUST BE PURE POETRY, right? Oy, can’t even take my own blog name to heart.

All that is to say: Here is a post I whipped up in five minutes! It’s an endorsement of a product that I think will help me take my cuisine to my desired level of deliciousness while fitting into my lifestyle goals (inexpensive, convenient, healthy—I really wanna lose three pounds).


Turci White Truffle Infused Spray
Turci Italian White Truffle Infused Spray or nectar of gods?

Turci Italian White Truffle Infused Spray

I found it in the spice aisle at Wal-Mart, and it was less than $5.

Puttin’ the “(Ooh La) La” in “Lazy”

So far, I’ve only sprayed it on frozen asparagus (another thing I like to pick up to make myself feel like a fancy, vegetable-eating  grownup), and that tasted pretty dynamite. But I could see this spray being a knockout on lots of greens, in a lentil salad, spritzed on a burger to give it that umami flavor, on roasted potatoes or an omelet (as they suggest)—basically ALL the things. And I cannot WAIT to try it on popcorn. Anyway, I put my stamp of approval on it.

P.S. In perusing the Turci website, I’ve discovered they also offer a saffron-infused spray. MUST FIND.

P.P.S. The scientific name for white truffle is apparently “Tuber Magnatum.” (Insert 12 dirty jokes here.)

P.P.P.S. Quote in photo caption at the top of the post is one of my all-time favorite wordbites from this column by my imagined spirit guide, “Polly.”


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